Day – 8 Living in a Surfers Paradise

Hello from the sunny Gold Coast!

This morning started off with a little bit of free time in Brisbane. Some players went shopping, some got acai bowls, and some went to local museums. At 11 am, we packed up the bus for our final destination of the trip – gorgeous Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast.

We arrived at 12:30 and, of course, went directly to the beach. After soaking up some sun, we had lunch with a beautiful oceanside view. We headed to the hotel, and everyone dropped their luggage to enjoy more free time. The hotel pool, a delicious coffee shop called Paradox, and a return to the beach were the destinations of choice.

After enjoying our Pam-alloted hour in the sun, everyone headed back to get ready for our game against the Queensland Hockey Association. One of the stronger teams we’ve played so far, the players were smart and skilled which made for a very fun and educational game. We are playing the same team again tomorrow, which should be another great game. After a hard-fought 4-1 loss, everyone was exhausted so we headed back and ate as much salad, pizza, and pasta as physically possible before passing out, because by now it is almost 11 pm and everyone wants to rest well for a fun day of surfing tomorrow!

(Written by Chaney Kalinich ’19 and Alex MacKay ’20)

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