Day – 9 Surfin’ AUS

We awoke in Surfer’s Paradise excited to see if the town would live up to its name. Like always, the first indicator of how our day would go was breakfast. While it was no Travelodge Sydney, Vibe got the job done. After breakfast, we drove to the beach, where very stylish blue rash guards were distributed. Katie and Lily ended up in children’s larges and probably looked the best of all of us. We took our boards down to the beach, where we divided into two groups: those who had surfed before and those who hadn’t. In the latter group, we looked to our instructor – face coated in zinc and all – for instructions on how to get on the board and stand up.

We all found ourselves in our element doing different activities on the beach. While Jackie was busy shredding the gnar, most of us were either lying on the beach or falling in the water. The Dawgs spent a good 2 hours working hard in the water catching waves. Almost everyone was able to stand up on the board! (which was quite impressive for a first time surf). Post-surfing, we treated ourselves to ice cream before having what was one of our best meals in Australia (which happened to include more ice cream). We discovered that a thickshake is a milkshake with extra ice cream, making it the obvious beverage choice for those who didn’t get smoothies.

Adequately fueled for our game, we left to play the Gold Coast Hockey Club again. YFH fared better against them on night two, going back and forth with goals for and against. The Dawgs never gave up, and the final score ended up being a hard fought 7-4. With good efforts all around the Dawgs showered up and headed back to the hotel, looking forward to a trip to Byron Bay.

(Written by Alyssa Weiss ’17 and Cat Kurtin ’18)

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