Day 7- We Have A Thing for Ferry Boats

After consecutive days of spectacular Sydney breakfasts, we had high hopes that our Brisbane hotel would treat us just the same. Luckily, we were not let down. It was no Travelodge Sydney, but the Ibis Brisbane had an array of options for a tasty first meal of the day, including cheese-filled sausages (!!!) and delicious watermelon, the team’s favorite source of hydration, besides electro-mix, of course.

After a late breakfast, YFH embarked on our first adventure of the day, which took us on a ferry ride down the Brisbane River. The Dawgs filled the top deck, which treated us to an incredible view of the Brisbane skyline and a much needed breeze on this scorching summer day in Australia. Down river, we stepped ashore and set out to explore a market area along the water. A majority of the Dawgs didn’t get very far, though. The chic Coffee Club caught our eyes, and we stopped to fuel with delectable iced coffees and icy fruit frappes.

After half an hour or so, we set out to take the ferry back up river to return to the city center for shopping and lunch on our own. Unfortunately, the first ferry headed back was quite full, and only a few of us were able to jump on. The rest enjoyed conversation and (unknowingly) sunbathing while we waited for the next ferry headed our direction. By the time the next one arrived, a few of us who will not be named (Alex), had caught a few too many rays and were a couple shades rosier.

Nevertheless, we returned to our original dock swiftly to receive per diem for lunch. The Dawgs dispersed, some discovering fresh acai bowls overflowing with fruit and others enjoying trendy sushi spots. With the rest of our free time, many chose to explore the busy Brisbane shopping scene. The open air shopping mall was the largest we’d been to thus far, and we enjoyed having awhile to browse at our leisure.

Soon enough it was time to return to the hotel to prep for our final practice. We traveled back to the remarkable University of Queensland facility for a light practice in the afternoon heat, focusing on offensive skills, the defensive outlet and cleaning up penalty corner units. After a quick post-practice shower, YFH headed to another wonderful Australian meal, with selections of Philadelphia chicken, porterhouse steak, lamb salad, and a vegetarian bowl.
With full tummies, we headed back to our hotel. Some Dawgs went for a quick ice cream run accompanied by Conor, and finally, after a long, enjoyable day, headed to bed.

Signing off for now,

(Annina Zelkin ’20 and Tara Litjens ’20)

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