Day 6 -Koalas, Kangaroos & Dingos, OH MY

After some late night birthday cake fun, courtesy of Chaney, the 6am start to our final day in Sydney would prove a challenge for some. Naturally, YFH looked to their trusted breakfast comforts to remedy such an early start. After one or two long blacks and several bowls of watermelon later, we were ready for the day.

Minus a couple of lost passport scares (you know who you are), we boarded the plane, led by our inspiring commander, Conor. Compared to ours trans-pacific ventures of the previous week, the flight to Brisbane flew by and upon landing; the hot summer sun of Brisbane, Australia greeted us. We embarked on the journey that would be the highlight of the trip thus far: a visit to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. While the platypus and cockatoo were quite the spectacle, the masses flocked to meet and greet (and have a couple of pictures taken) with the koalas. Pam in particular to a liking to one of them.

Next we hopped over towards the Kangaroo enclosure where we encountered the most energetic, wild kangaroos!! After the majority of the team got their hands on their instagram-worthy picture of themselves holding the koala, we headed to lunch.

Then we officially arrived in the beautiful city of Brisbane with its futuristic skyscrapers and delicious food. We were utterly delighted upon checking into the hotel; the rooms were massive, the beds comfortable, and the company even better.

Finally, it was show time. We headed to the impressive brand new facility of University of Queensland. Gathering our biggest crowd of the season to date, even though we were oceans away from Johnson field. With the sun setting and the crowds gathering the YFH dawgs took to the field. It was a valiant effort by the whole team. We all competed hard against what was our toughest opposition to date. Carol Middough kept the dawgs in it with two spectacular goals. But alas, the dawgs fell to Queensland 3 to 2.

Side note: An example of how expansive the Yale network is was that one of the opponents was a 2008 Yale field hockey alum (Harriet Thayer). A Yale degree can literally take you anywhere!

The post game function, classically composed of sausage, cokes and Australian company, was warmly received and gobbled down by the hungry dawgs. Subsequent to the day’s once in a lifetime series of events, the tired dawgs boarded the bus and headed back to the hotel in pursuit of a good, long night sleep.

Signing off,

Your faithful freshmen,

(Holly Jackson ’20 and Bridget Condie ’20)

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