Day 5 – Game 2

We woke up and had a lovely breakfast at the hotel again, enjoying our sleep-in before leaving with Conor to tour the Sydney opera house. We had the opportunity to spend an hour there, learning about the incredible detail and thought behind the architecture of the building, which just about ten years ago became a UNESCO World Heritage site. Danish architect Jørn Utzon designed the building for an international design competition in 1955, and it was formally opened in October of 1973. Our guide took us through a few different, smaller theaters: some for musicals, some for plays and smaller productions. There were even two children’s performances going on at the Opera House while we were there, illustrating the wide variety of shows put on in the theatres. We explored the architecture of the Opera House and learned about its construction: the Sydney Opera House was constructed out of hollow cement pieces and steel beams to give it a modern feel. We also learned that the famous white sails of the Opera House actually form a circle, which made its construction easier. Furthermore, the Opera House is actually two complete buildings: the interior section which includes the actual performance rooms and the actual shell and framework of the Opera House that allowed the sails to be built.

After our tour, we headed over to the Pitt Street Mall, a nice open air shopping center. We had free time to peruse the Australian stores here. We ended up at a store called Witchery, an Aussie store with women’s clothing and accessories. For lunch we walked to The Canopy, the same place we had dinner our first night in Sydney, where they served us sandwiches with, naturally, a side of “chips.” Per usual, there was a rush to the coffee cart for some iced long blacks before we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our game versus University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

We ended up arriving at the venue early, so we went on an impromptu tour of the Olympic Park where the 2000 Sydney Olympics took place. We saw the main track and field stadium, now used for soccer and rugby matches, and also where the torch was held during the opening ceremony. Feeling inspired by the world’s greatest athletes, we headed to the Hockey Centre, a pair of two astro turf fields. On the Olympic Pitch, we scored 4 goals in the first half, and we ended up winning the game 7-2 against UTS. Assistant coach Jess even said from the sideline “this is the best hockey I’ve ever seen this team play” referring to our clean, quick passing sequences. Let’s just say our tour guide Conor wasn’t too happy to see his alma mater lose to us! We had a lovely BBQ with the UTS team after the game and got to chat with all the girls.

We headed back to the hotel after the BBQ, and rushed inside to put our equipment away because we wanted to surprise Chaney for her birthday! The Coaches acquired some delicious gluten free chocolate coconut mini-cakes called Lamingtons, an Australian delicacy and we lit a big 2-0 candle. It was a great way to end our last day in Sydney!

Signing off from Day 5,

(Brooke Reese ’19 and Camille Scheyer ’20)

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