Day 4 – A Cliff Walk to Remember

Today we got an early start, with a 7am breakfast. Australian breakfast fare has proven a highlight of the trip (our team loves food). In addition to the expected eggs and toast, our morning repast includes the ever-controversial Vegemite, roasted tomatoes, baked beans, and an amazing coffee machine (we REALLY love coffee).

After breakfast, we departed for the hockey pitch, where we blazed through an hour and a half practice. We say blazed because it was a true Aussie summer day – boiling hot.

After a short but productive practice, we grabbed a quick shower and boarded the bus. Following a two hour drive, we arrived in the Blue Mountains. Already hungry again, we stopped for lunch at the “world renowned” Paragon CafΓ©, famous for their coffee and artisanal chocolates. We enjoyed a streak frites, and a chocolate (or two).

After our hearty lunch, we had the opportunity to wander around the local town of Katoomba. We engaged with a few of the locals, and, more importantly, their dogs, while also browsing the shops.

Soon, it was time for the main attraction of the day: a “hike” through the Blue Mountains. Though the breathtaking views inspired a fear of heights in a select few who will not be named, we soldiered on, eventually arriving at a cascade, or a small waterfall. It was a rewarding end to the strenuous journey. It was made all the more rewarding when Pam, who can’t resist a good ice cream cone, purchased a “choc dip soft serve” (Australian lingo) for the entire team.

We’re looking forward to touring the Sydney Opera House tomorrow, as well as our match against UTS. Conor, our good-natured tour guide, attended UTS and has done his fair share of trash-talking, so we intend to beat them soundly.

Stay tuned for more adventures from YFH down undah!

Cheers mate!

(By Emilie ’17 & Steffi Katz ’17)


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