Day 1 – Taking in the Sights

After finally arriving “down under” and promptly getting some coffee (which is, by the way, AMAZING in Australia) we loaded the bus and headed towards Sydney’s famous Harbor Bridge. Our tour guide Conor led the charge of all 25 YFH affiliates in our matching navy garb across the Harbor Bridge. We looked out over the Sydney Harbor and the view instantly made the 34 hours of travel worth it.

We then ventured down to the pathway along the water where we came upon some interesting street performers and stopped to watch. After that we settled into a restaurant near the water for a delicious lunch and enjoyed watching people and boats buzz by. Next we ventured to the steps of the renown Opera House where we took some great team pictures and marveled at the architecture. Then we took a lovely stroll through the Botanical Gardens and saw lilies that are native to Sydney. (Camille stopped to take pictures of every flower, channeling her mother, she claims).

After regrouping at the hotel, we had the privilege of practicing at the University of New South Wales’ beautiful turf field. Let’s just say that 36 hours of sitting made for a painful warm-up. So we shook out our legs with a game of “Capture the Dinosaur Eggs” (apparently the Canadian version of Capture the Flag, according to Jess). The Blue team won in a landslide victory with heroic performances all around (shoutout to Jess and Lily’s speed).

We finished up the day with dinner at a local restaurant near the hotel. Sydney’s food has yet to disappoint! Everybody collapsed into bed shortly after for our first night’s sleep in a bed in three days. Can’t wait to see what’s in store tomorrow!

(written by Tess Thompson ’18 & Kiwi Comizio ’18)

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