Day 2 – A Luxurious Day at the Beach

Woke up to a sad and raining morning, spirits were low due to the knowledge that today was our coveted beach day. However, the amazing breakfast served with love brought us back, and we plunged into the Aussie continental. One particular player even had two FULL bowls of watermelon!! #hydrated

After breakfast from the gods we trekked to practice on our tour bus and played a strong 2 hours of Yale Field Hockey via 1v1s and the revival of our defensive/offensive corners. #watchoutaustralia. Spirits are high, the rain stops and we head to the beach.

Thankfully, the rain subsided upon our arrival at Bondi Beach #blessed. Before going out onto the sand, we ate lunch at a cute little beachside cafe, where many of us got deliciously crafted pitaya bowls and salads. Then, we trekked over to the shore and went in the water for a bit. We took some pics with the GoPros both in and out of the water by the amazing filmmaker Jackie Kisa #talented #humble. Many a wave threatened our existence but again, being the Yale FIeld Hockey team, we powered onward.

Then, Conor summoned us for our Coastal Walk to Coogee Beach (a light stroll). We hiked from beach to beach up stairs and over hills, stopping for photo ops too of course, for about 2 hours (unsure if it was 2 hours or 3 days; #littlehazy).After our 100 mile hike we finally arrive at the beautiful and seaweed plentiful Coogee beach for yet another GoPro session of joy in the waves.

At Coogee Beach, we ate dinner at another beachside restaurant. On our ride back to the hotel, we spotted bats that we (a select few) thought were birds. Back in the hotel, we slept well after a long, but fun day.

(By Jackie Kisa ’19 and Marissa Medici ’19)

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